"The true prophet is not he who peers into the future but he who reads and reveals the present."

Eric Hoffer, an American author, moral and social philosopher

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We work with organizations to provide personalized strategic solutions based on our leading panel of expertise in the field of marketing, advertising, information technology and human social behavioral science.


We believe in the power of data as indispensable for organizations to adapt to challenges in a fast changing world. Using the most cutting edge scientific approaches and technologies, we transform data beyond individual behaviors by emphasizing the social context of human behavior and unravel insights for organizations to make innovative decisions that respond to change.

Why Us

We select from the most qualified and experienced specialists in the field to provide custom made solutions tailored to clients’ specific needs.

Our team is dedicated and committed to provide the highest standards in quality and service through a personalized approach.

What We Do

Using cutting edge science and technology, we provide data driven strategic consulting through structured and unstructured data analytics, from social media to corporate data, digital media and electronic conversations.

We work with clients’ needs to create data driven strategies into narratives that persuade and engage, creating campaigns that adapt to the needs of the target audience, from political to social campaigns, to marketing and digital lifestyle.


Our Team


The Leaders

Iwan Setiawan

Iwan Setiawan

Chief Executive Officer
<p>Writer of best-selling novel, his first, 9 Summers 10 Autumns. Graduating class valedictorian of Dept of Statistic, Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB).</p><p>10 Years of experience as Director of Internal Client Management, Nielsen Consumer Research, New York, USA.</p>
Roby Muhamad, Ph.D

Roby Muhamad, Ph.D

Chairman & Chief Scientist Officer
<p>Ph.D in Social Networks, from Columbia University, USA. Tokoh Penemu Nasional 2012 – Majalah Tempo.</p><p>His research are covered by national and international media (e.g., CNN, New York Times, Reuters, New Scientist, Kompas, Tempo, and MetroTV).</p>
Shafiq Pontoh

Shafiq Pontoh

Chief Strategy Officer
<p>Former planner of Ogilvy & Mather Indonesia; well versed in communication campaigns and digital movement (co-founder Indonesia Berkebun, @ID_AyahASI).</p><p>Chief of Indonesia Berkibar, and Social Media Fest. 2011-2012.</p>
Budhi Sumarso

Budhi Sumarso

Chief Operating Officer
<p>Social movement strategy team for Pertamina Foundation. Co-Founder Akon Labs, a research organization.</p>
Judotens Budiarto

Judotens Budiarto

Chief Technology Officer
<p>Former Salingsilang. 5 years experiences in Social Media Monitoring Tools. Founder Tuitwit.</p>


  • Smitha Prathita Smitha Prathita

    Smitha Prathita

    Socio-Behavioral Researcher
  • Doglas Rambe Doglas Rambe

    Doglas Rambe

    Socio-Behavioral Analyst
  • A. Renata Putri G. A. Renata Putri G.

    A. Renata Putri G.

    Socio-Behavioral Analyst
  • Gema Bastari Gema Bastari

    Gema Bastari

    Socio-Behavioral Analyst
  • Didit Hersanto Didit Hersanto

    Didit Hersanto

    Narrative Researcher
  • Nunik Rahmawati Nunik Rahmawati

    Nunik Rahmawati

    Operational Officer
  • Alan Dermawan Alan Dermawan

    Alan Dermawan

    Editorial Staff
  • Heri Purnomo Heri Purnomo

    Heri Purnomo

    Senior Developer
  • Desy Rahmi Desy Rahmi

    Desy Rahmi

    Frontend Web Developer

Our Services & Products

Here are several magic that we provide

Data Analytics

Using cutting-edge technology of data collection, processing and analytics, we provide real-time monitoring of social behavioral data by focusing on digital media and social media outlets. We also provide social behavioral analysis of clients’ internal data that can be integrated with the behavioral insights from such external media outlets or independently in response to the targeted needs of our clients.

Narrative Making Services

We formulate narratives driven by the insights gathered from our data analysis process where we isolate factors that influence particular social behavioral outcomes. We combine these insights with the goals, values and identities that our clients wish to communicate and promote their influence.

Activation and Campaign

We own in-house team of specialists to help our clients design, plan and execute their brand related events. Provide it with cost-effective, low-risk, turn-key event solutions to address business challenges.


We provide clients with our very own costumized tool for measuring, monitoring, and analyzing conversation on Twitter in Indonesia. Mistar.me will let you listen more, find more, and engage more with your target audience and more.


Conveying stories and messages is as important as listening; hence, we also branched out to create our own media channel to not only capture the social media conversation and online behavior, but also deliver stories that magnify the pulse of digital age. We aim to be the stylish and entertaining companion for our readers in this increasingly connected world.

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Provetic Lab


Provetic Lab pursues research in the area of experimental and computational social science. We aim to produce original knowledge through basic interdisciplinary research, and contribute to product development and business strategy.


Director: Roby Muhamad, Ph.D

Roby obtained his Ph.D in Sociology from Columbia University, New York specializing in social networks. He has published in major scientific publications such as Science, and Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences USA. He is also co-founder of PT. Provetic Indonesia and Kongko Digital Pte.Ltd

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